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Canandaigua Exterior Remodeling

Canandaigua Exterior Remodeling You Can Be Proud Of

Whether your Canandaigua home needs a facelift or it’s time to improve energy efficiency, we have solutions that really make a difference. Curb appeal is an important thing, and we are proud to turn your Canandaigua house into something your neighbors can be jealous of. Exterior remodeling isn’t just about the way your house looks. Improving your home is all about choosing the right products and installing them correctly so they stand the test of time. Even if your home looks great, the work must be done well in order to make your investment worth it.

Our Exterior Remodeling Services

We offer a wide variety of interior and exterior remodeling services that improve your home and turn it into the home of your dreams. Call us for:

  1. Roofing repairs, maintenance and replacement
  2. Gutter repairs, maintenance and replacement
  3. maintenance and replacement
  4. New windows
  5. New doors
  6. Many exterior improvements to your Canandaigua home will improve it’s the energy efficiency and save you money each month. New windows and doors decrease pressure on your HVAC system and ensure that your furnace and air conditioner will last longer. Maintaining your gutters keeps your home from water damage.

    Each of these valuable remodeling investments work to save you money in the long run and cut back on your utility bills each month. Here at Jim McManus Roofing, we are happy to help you choose the perfect products to get the look and function you want from the exterior of your home.

    Our professional technicians have the expertise necessary to offer you expert advice about what is best for your home and your budget.