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Canandaigua Roof Trusses

Roof trusses are frameworks which contain triangular components to enhance structural stability. The reasons for the popularity of roof trusses are many:

  1. The flexible answer for a wide range of roof structures
  2. Trusses use up to 40% less material than traditional roof building techniques
  3. Since they are pre-fabricated you save on-site time and cost
  4. On-site space saving as there is no need for timber storage
  5. Trusses are able to accept a wide range of ceiling and roof coverings

Gypsum Board Assemblieswith Jim McManus Roofing roof system

It is very important to have a competent gypsum worker. Otherwise it is possible that after time the nails from the drywall will start popping out through the paint. This problem won’t be visible until well after the construction is done; once the boards have a chance to shift and shrink a little. To get the best drywall assembly at the best price give us a call today.

Canandaigua Rough Carpentry Wood and Metal

Rough carpentry is the industry term for a framer. What a rough carpenter/framer does is create the basic skeleton of a structure. Though they are carpenters they do not only work with wood. Framing can be done with metal supports rather than wooden beams and a rough carpenter also needs to know how to work with concrete so that they can set certain frames. Our rough carpenters have done framing for all sorts of structures. Homes and buildings we have decades of experience in but we have also built tunnels, bridges, sewer supports, scaffolding, concrete forms and billboard signs. We generally do residential and municipal construction projects but we have done commercial construction as well. Our team produces quality results at competitive pricing.